Crazy Fox

Welcome to Crazy Fox, the fantasy journey of Little Prince and his Fox. Is the adult’s world golden or barren? Missing flows slowly across the grass like the spring, converges into the stream, and pours into the sea… As long as you keep turning, there will be a hope, and the new world is just ahead. Now, are you ready to conquer the world and to be the Cash King? Let’s go!

Remember to log into the game every day and collect the coins, spins, pet food, etc

Crazy Fox Free Spins Daily Bonus March 2023

Crazy Fox Daily Free Spins Daily Reward
21 March 20231. Gift 2. Rewards Free Gifts 3 Free Gift
22 March 20231. Free Spins 2 .Free Gift
23 March 20231.Free Gifts 2.Free Gift
24 March 20231. Free Spins 2. Free Gift
25 March 20231. Free Spins 2 . Free Gift 3. Gifts
26 March 20231. Free Gift 2. Free Coins
27 March 20231 Free Coin 2 Free Reward 3. Free Gift
28 March 20231. Free Coins 2. Free Spins

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